BACKSTAGE, Nov. 8, 2005

FROZEN at the Ark Theatre by Dany Margolies


'Birgitte Moos' set design allows for ease of movement and segregation of characters without distraction...'






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Featured in Downtown Muse LA by Melissa Richardson Banks, February 2012.

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Kulturfestivallen, Lys Over Lolland, 2011 finder sted 2 steder på Lolland, i herskabsstalden på Lungholm Gods og den nedlagte papir- og sukkerfabrik, Højbygård i Holeby


Skrevet af: Kurt Baagø

Lys over Lolland; nu med scenografi _____________

07. sep. 2011 17.07 Lolland


Scenografier uden skuespillere i.


Det lyder måske lidt tomt og tamt, men kulturfestivallen, Lys Over Lolland, der åbner i dag, har inviteret 14 af Danmarks mest anerkendte scenografer til at skræddersy scenografier med lys og lyd til hver deres rum i den nedlagte Højbygård Papirfabrik ved Holeby.


-Det er Danmarkshistoriens første scenografi-udstilling, siger Lys Over Lollands kunstneriske leder, Susanne Grue Jørgensen.


Lys Over Lolland, 2011 bruger, udover Højbygård-fabrikken i Holeby, herskabsstalden i det nærliggende Lungholm Gods til en række arrangementer med film, musik, fortællinger og madkunst.


The 32nd ANNUAL L.A. Weekly Theater Awards Nominees - Los Angeles: SET DESIGN of THE YEAR in LA: Birgitte Moos: 'The Arsonists' Arsonists'

SET DESIGN for The Arsonists. American premiere at the Odyssey Theatre in Los Angeles. April 3 - May 23, 2010



CHRITICS CHOICE by Los Angeles Times

Los Angeles Times. CRITICS PICK; Theater review: 'The Arsonists' at KOAN at the Odyssey April 15, 2010

”...Among the first-rate design elements, Birgitte Moos’ striking set holds some real surprises.”

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L.A. Weekly Theater Critics. April 8, 2010

”...Set designer Birgitte Moos' beautiful two-level set (1950s-style living room and attic) is ingenious...”

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BEVERLY PRESS, April 8, 2010

”...super set design co-operation from Birgitte Moos...”

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BACKSTAGE. CRITICS PICK: 'The Arsonists'. KOAN at The Odyssey Theatre. 7.4.2010

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”... the look and feel of a grim East-European film of the 60s, with just the right touch of Keystone Kops madness...”

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Campus Circle, May 5, 2010

”The two level set design from the wallpaper to the hanging houses was beautifully developed by Danish set designer and fine artist Birgitte Moos.

(I could not expect less from a student of Achim Freyer.)...”

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A CurtainUp, Los Angeles Review: The Arsonists 8 april, 2010

“Scenic designer Birgitte Moos has layered that second level attic atop a sterile white living room that looks like it might be a generic hotel room.

Miniature houses representing the city float in space, and the firefighters scale metal towers to peek in the windows…”

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LA THEATRE REVIEW, April 9, 2010

”The set, by Birgitte Moos... was marvelously evocative...”

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"In a Watermill Center fall residency taking place October 15 through October 28, the Danish artist Birgitte Moos is undertaking a study of theatrical set design that will ultimately become a book about the effects of abstract imagery on her art form.

She will give a talk on Tuesday, October 27 at 6 p.m.

From challenging gravity to creating a language through non-realistic imagery, Revolutionary Spaces will explore the interaction of the audience and the stage. Moos questions how and where the viewer experiences recognition and intuitive understanding of the content of a performance as it relates to the environment of the action on the stage..'




'Revolutionary Spaces' October 27, 2009 - 6:00pm

The Watermill Center

39 Watermill Towd Road

Watermill, New York


Revolutionary Spaces is an exploration of the art of theatrical set design. From challenging gravity to creating a language through non-realistic imagery, Revolutionary Spaces explores the interaction of the audience and the stage. This project questions how and where the viewer experiences recognition and intuitive understanding of the content of a performance as it relates to the environment of the action on the stage. The intent is to channel this exploration into writing a book on the effects of abstract imagery as they apply to set design.


Birgitte Moos is a Danish artist, based in Copenhagen and Los Angeles. Both a conceptual painter and set designer, she holds an MFA from the National Design School of Denmark, where she was often called “the most analytical Danish set designer.” Her work has been shown in various venues and exhibited internationally at numerous galleries. Recently, she designed the set and costumes for Theatre Cantabile2 in Copenhagen and had a solo exhibition at Edgar Varela Fine Arts in Los Angeles. Los

More information is available at

This free workshop : A work-in-progress presentation, is part of the Watermill Center's Fall 2009 Artists-in-Residence program.





BEDLAM MAGAZINE - A Great Dane by Jonathan Jerald. March 17, 2009


Birgitte Moos is a native Dane but she splits her time between Copenhagen and Los Angeles and so her works reflect urban landscapes that transcend continental divides.

Her imagery has evolved from the use of early European mythological symbols and figures into dark, abstract, almost architectonic works that suggest urban landscapes

that trap and channel human figures through an uneasy labyrinth.

Moos describes her approach to painting as an exploration of her personal experience and that of her generation by adapting methods from the memory palace technoique

of recall, "the method of loci, or 'ars memoriae' (art of memory)." The woven layers in each individual painting are narratives representing separate visions of

remembrance. "Symbolically," Moos explains, a brain scattered full of information: A perverse peep into the creative and complex atmosphere inside the memory of a mind palace."


The images she produces are often reminiscent of the darker panels of graphic novels in which the inhabitants are trapped in a twilight metropolis, divided by walls of their

own making. making.


New Works by Birgitte Moos at Edgar Varela Fine Arts (EVFA) Gallery, Downtown LA. March 21st - April 11, 2009


'Art Squared' in Pershing Square - Downtown LA. 'Repulsive Repetition Series'

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"Tiggeroperaen/The Beggars Opera"


ET GRUMT EVENTYR af Gregers Dirckinck-Holmfeldt, 1 april 2009


"Rørende og visuelt fænomenal tiggeropera" af Andreas Fruensgaard.

Frederiksborg Amtsavis, 13 januar 2009


LUDERE OG LOMMETYVE af Anne Middelboe Christensen

Information, 17. januar 2009


SOLGT TIL SEX af Vibeke Werm

Berlingske Tidende, 15. januar 2009



af Peter Johannes Erichsen

Scene, Januar 2009



Politiken, 19 januar 2009




LA Magazine roundtable conference for exhibit at 'The Bisquit Factory.' April 2007

LA Magazine, March 2007.

The Bisquit Factory, Downtown Los Angeles

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