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Odyssey Theater, Los Angeles 2010

Director Ron Sossi


LA Weekly Award nominee Set Design of the year in Los Angeles 2011 and selected as Critics Choice by Los Angeles Times


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PRESS 'The Arsonists'


The 32nd ANNUAL L.A. Weekly Theater Awards Nominees - Los Angeles: SET DESIGN of THE YEAR in LA: Birgitte Moos: 'The Arsonists' Arsonists'


SET DESIGN for The Arsonists. American premiere at the Odyssey Theatre in Los Angeles. April 3 - May 23, 2010



CHRITICS CHOICE by Los Angeles Times


Los Angeles Times. CRITICS PICK; Theater review: 'The Arsonists' at KOAN at the Odyssey April 15, 2010


”...Among the first-rate design elements, Birgitte Moos’ striking set holds some real surprises.”


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L.A. Weekly Theater Critics. April 8, 2010


”...Set designer Birgitte Moos' beautiful two-level set (1950s-style living room and attic) is ingenious...”


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BEVERLY PRESS, April 8, 2010


”...super set design co-operation from Birgitte Moos...”


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BACKSTAGE. CRITICS PICK: 'The Arsonists'. KOAN at The Odyssey Theatre. 7.4.2010


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”... the look and feel of a grim East-European film of the 60s, with just the right touch of Keystone Kops madness...”


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Campus Circle, May 5, 2010


”The two level set design from the wallpaper to the hanging houses was beautifully developed by Danish set designer and fine artist Birgitte Moos.


(I could not expect less from a student of Achim Freyer.)...”


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A CurtainUp, Los Angeles Review: The Arsonists 8 april, 2010


“Scenic designer Birgitte Moos has layered that second level attic atop a sterile white living room that looks like it might be a generic hotel room.


Miniature houses representing the city float in space, and the firefighters scale metal towers to peek in the windows…”


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LA THEATRE REVIEW, April 9, 2010


”The set, by Birgitte Moos... was marvelously evocative...”


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