Deconstructed Sunflower Art Statement

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ART STATEMENT by Birgitte Moos

Copyright ® Birgitte Moos 2014

Arnold Aronson PhD

Professor and Chair

Columbia University School of the Arts, Theatre Arts Division, NYC

Allan Tollefson

Professor and Technical Director

University of La Verne, Theater Arts Faculty, Los Angeles, CA

Sherry Dobbin


The Watermill Center by Opera Director Robert Wilson, NY

Vibeke Sorensen

Professor and Founding Chair

University of Southern California, Los Angeles, School of TV and Cinematic Arts, Division of Animation and Digital Arts

Steffen Aarfing

Set Designer


Ron Sossi

Artistic Director

The Odyssey Theater, Los Angeles

Susanne Vad

Film Studies Director

Zentropa Productions / Station Next, Copenhagen

Jonas Elmer



Ulla Hovgaard Ramlau


Danish Design Center, Copenhagen

© Birgitte Moos Chalcraft 2020