Repulsive Repetitions Art Statement

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‘Repulsive Repetition Series’ 2006.

ART STATEMENT by Birgitte Moos

The ‘Repulsive Repetition Series’, communicate from a myth generated part of our cultural heritage; revealing individual and collective patterns in the human structures of sensing the essence of being alive.

The  quest is to bring dreams, memories and love to life. It is  then up to the voyeur to receive a subjective impression.

I have  returned again and again in recent years, to the theme of transformation of life.

There is a kind of cultural deep freeze in our bodies, where society paralyses our brains, and disconnects us from nature. Sealing the life of feelings, and making the idea of radical change into being true to our selves, almost unthinkable.

If the artist's function is to hold up a mirror to society, we may have to accept the fact that in our time, the mirrors are hazy. The wearing of a mirror, reflecting every experience back into our own consciousness should in Birgitte Moos’ opinion, be a progression from illusion to clarity. The problem is that we are blinded by our own projections, stopping us from staying true to love and unity. So don't expect perfection.

Several of these particular paintings in the ‘Repulsive Repetitions Series’, explores thematically classical elements: Such as the Assyrians and the woman and “satan” and “satan” and the woman; carnal desires and the woman, and are often implanted in abstractions about nature and the body feminine.            Through repetition of mythological symbols and figures, on love and passion, from earliest historical times, the paintings represents our cultural obsession on achieving love, or what we believe is love.

They demand some attention.

One might not be seduced at first, but then slowly, as one enters the images, a kind of pattern emerges where recognition might possibly dawn!

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Arnold Aronson PhD

Professor and Chair

Columbia University School of the Arts, Theatre Arts Division, NYC

Allan Tollefson

Professor and Technical Director

University of La Verne, Theater Arts Faculty, Los Angeles, CA

Sherry Dobbin


The Watermill Center by Opera Director Robert Wilson, NY

Vibeke Sorensen

Professor and Founding Chair

University of Southern California, Los Angeles, School of TV and Cinematic Arts, Division of Animation and Digital Arts

Steffen Aarfing

Set Designer


Ron Sossi

Artistic Director

The Odyssey Theater, Los Angeles

Susanne Vad

Film Studies Director

Zentropa Productions / Station Next, Copenhagen

Jonas Elmer



Ulla Hovgaard Ramlau


Danish Design Center, Copenhagen

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