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‘CIVILIZATION’ by Jason Grothe, Son of Semele Theater, Silverlake, LA, 2013

A Set Designers note...

'CIVILIZATION' is a very ’contemporary’ play about decay. Written by Jason Grote, this piece takes place in slightly indicated America, 2008 – 11. It’s about Eating Consumerism, Corruption, Porn, Sex, Math and Pattern Recognition.

Personally I was clearly inspired by reading the script and ended up designing a rather small set design, being the best set design I’ve done so far. I think. So I’m happy, and relieved. Relieved because this set illustrates and exemplifies a theory I’ve been working on defining for years now. Interdisciplinary Set Design, which I define as the collaborative, integrating multiple art forms in one piece.

What is so satisfying about this project, is in particular the fusion between functional set design and installation art and painting! The set could as well have been Installation Art for audience interaction in an art gallery.

The set is defined as a three dimensional algorithm, which can be moved in multiple directions, creating various different spaces for the actors in the existing scenes.

The deconstructed triangles could be viewed as a minimalist painting, or as a distorted world view, and an Egyptian fundament for civilization. In Egypt some significant math theories were developed. I could go on and on and on about this design's visual metaphorical and conceptual content.

And the collaboration with 'SOSE Ensemble' was a delight, and inspiring all the way. Thank you guys for letting me part-take in 'CIVILIZATION.'

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