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This installation is a new subtract, derived from an idea of a series of 5 storefront art installations for the Meat Packing District of Copenhagen, that I was assigned to create back in 1996, based on the fact that the first fashion week in town was located in a former slaughterhouse; The Hall of the Axe. How ironic is that! ’Meat.’

So I responded with an anticommercial!

The essence of the project ‘White Cows’, is a culmination of an obsession with female beauty in literature, media and fashion. A comment on female beauty and the methods and extent used, to which people will go to in order to achieve this: Nanotech for life-extending and body-beautiful surgery, future DNA manipulation, products containing animal products… Beauty conquers everything, as Laurie Anderson stated.

Thus, the horror of knowing how we generally treat animals, before we eat them, is stronger than beauty!

'White Cow' and 'Eurotrash' is what I was labelled by our nice Latin American Landlord Lady in the Danish Ghetto on Ethel, Studio City, LA, when living there back in 2004.

And no, I didn't swim nude in the pool nor spilt cocktails in it, but had the naivety believing I should take action, with my Danish sense of ’justice and responsibility.’ So tried to prevent a (gun)fight between a coked out Texan billiardaire and his girlfriend (our neighbour), from continuing or being carried out... How naive. Nobody else interfered with this scenario, which of course pissed me off too. Soon after I knew why!

Well, he WAS verbally and loudly threatening to shoot her, and their apartment door was open, so I DID enter... Not a good idea! Had no clue it's legal to shoot someone entering private property in Texas! Then he threatened shooting me. Apparently forgetting he was in CA. Etc. etc. etc.

The mirrored twin metaphor is derived from Jaques Lacan’s ’Theory of Mirrors’ in which he describes babies self-recognition. There is a certain model for classic beauty which is copied and multiplied to benefit corporate financial hierarchy. And women we do this by ’free will;’ a narcissistic self-adoration, mirroring ourselves in other women’s eye-catching appearance. 

Also, the intent behind this particular installation, at Jess Projects LA, as one of a series in the 'White Cows' project is a no-cost recycler-installation created of found materials, in the specific neighbourhood and in the building. The works on display at Jess Projects is inserted in a community and zone known as a gang territory on the intersection of Phillipinotown, Silverlake, Downtown and Koreatown. A multi-ethnical melting pot.

Co-Lab between Jess Projects L.A. & SpacedOut Micro Gallery of Copenhagen.

Window display 24/7 from March 8th.  

’Women's International Day of Liberation’  

'White Cows' - A four dimensional site-specific Pop-up Installation at Jess Projects LA,

3217 Beverly Blvd., Los Angeles.                           



'White Cows' Sticker Shock

shock 1 |SHäk| (noun informal)

1 _a sudden upsetting or surprising event or experience. • a feeling of disturbed surprise resulting from such an event

2 _ an acute medical condition • associated with a fall in blood pressure, caused by such events as bacterial infection, an allergic reaction or sudden emotional stress

3 _ a disturbance causing     instability in an economy

• shock or dismay experienced by the potential buyers of a parti- cular product on discovering its high or increased price

4 a violent shaking movement

• caused by an impact, explosion, or tremor. 5. short for shock absorber

1 [ verb with obj.]

1 _ cause (someone) to feel surprised and upset • offend the moral feelings of; outrage

Social sciences [edit]

Culture shock in social psychology. Shock value, in popular psychology

ORIGIN mid 16th cent.: from French choc (noun), choquer (verb), of unknown origin. The original senses were ‘throw (troops) into confusion by charging at them’ and ‘an encoun ter between charging forces,’ giving rise to the notion of ‘sudden violent blow or impact.’



'White Cows' Travelling.' They are very curious and get around...

’White Cows D(O)ublin' in Portland, Oregon 2013.

Modern farmer's wives with cows…

'White Cows in a field' - on vacation in The Arts District, Downtown LA 2013

chewing their cud 1. (of a ruminant animal) further chew partly digested food.

2. think or talk reflectively.

Sketches. Sitespecific storefront installations for the Meat Packing District & Copenhagen's first Fashion Week, 1996

'White Cows on Acid'

A scrabble that might end up as a sketch for a new painting.

Decided to go a bit figurative again after many years of abstractions...

'White Cow, Napping,' 2013

'White Cows'  30X80" / 76X203cm 2005. Acrylic and mixed media on woodpanel.                                       

Photo by Rick Mendoza 


© Birgitte Moos Chalcraft 2020

Female Beauty' 18X24" / 45.75X61 cm, 2013. Acrylic and mixed media on woodpanel.

Collaboration w. Stuart Noble 2013