Deconstructed Sunflower Art Statement


In this painting the  sunflower is a representation of nature opposed to the visualisation of a chess board; a symbol for mankind and human nature, including thought, hierarchy and strategy. It is a philosophical study of beauty and taste.

The term ’Deconstruction’ is used as a rethinking of nature.

Chess was a game showing the battle of two armies played by two individuals and regarded as a game for wealthy people in society. It is an exercise in logic that can bring a sense of satisfaction. Goethe called Chess ‘the touchstone of the intellect.’

There is a dualism in our life between true nature and human nature. Nature is still mysterious. It extends human imagination and is older than any human created measurement systems such as calendars and mathematics.

There is a tendency for the direction of evolution toward the survival of the ’fittest’ where the less ’fit’ retrogress backwards into deeper poverty.

This painting is a work that plays with juxtaposition to explore how image can incite thought and how thought can lead to action restructuring nature to the point where neither thought or nature is primary. Although the ’Deconstructed Sunflower’ painting suggests that thoughts are impossible without realizing that nature is still too advanced for humanintellect to grasp. 

In other words, it is what humankind does not grasp and not simply what it sees that is the foundation for it.

By Birgitte Moos


Are written from left to the right as a result of the Artists thoughts projected directly onto a surface, which later will be located in front of the observer. The content is now manifest and placed within the image. It will hereby reflect itself mirrored back to the receiver.

© Birgitte Moos Chalcraft - 2020