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   curriculum VITAE

     E x h I b I t I o n s  ///  A r t    E v e n t s

The Featured Artist of L.A. Downtown Artwalk, The Maldef Building / The Saatchi Gallery, Open Call for Abstract Art. Nominee, London / Boscombe; Revolution & Gender, Bristol / Lolland Museum, Højbygaard Sugarfactory / The Mike Kelley Gallery (Beyond Baroque) - Venice Beach, L.A. / Caltrans Plaza, L.A. /Jess Projects L.A. - pop-up installation /  OBEY / CaporaleBleicher Gallery, L.A / Gloria Delson Contemporary Art, DTLA / Art Share Gallery, The Arts District, L.A. / Room and Board, Family Housing Benefit show, L.A. / Jubilee Music and Arts Festival, Downtown L.A. / 7th BERLIN BIENNALE FOR CONTEMPORARY ARTS 2012: ArtWiki. Internet Installation / Crewest Gallery - L.A. Top of the Dome 9 / Zip Fusion, L.A. / Veletrzni Palace; National Gallery. Prague Quadrenniale of Performance Design and Space / Projectroom, Berlin / Bleicher Golightly Gallery, Santa Monica, L.A. / The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Transitstation DE, Copenhagen / Brick Lane, London / Two07 Gallery, NYC / Zirrat Bankasi Gallery, Istanbul / ISIK University Gallery, Istanbul, 11th International Istanbul Biennial Parallel Exhibition / City of Brea Art Gallery, Orange County / Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery, Barnsdall Art Park, L.A. / Factory Place Gallery, L.A. / Hotel Fox, Copenhagen / Optical Allusion Gallery, L.A. / Pershing Square, L.A. / Katalyst Foundation for the Arts, L.A. / Galleri Westphall, Copenhagen / I-5 Gallery, L.A. / The Brewery, L.A. / Goethe Institute, Bruxelles / Phantom Galleries, L.A. / Politikens Hus Pressen, Copenhagen / The Biscuit Factory L.A. / Hangar 1018 Gallery, L.A. / The Hive Gallery, L.A. / The Hall of the Axes, Øksnehallen, Copenhagen / M.J. Higgins Gallery, L.A. / Bedlam Gallery L.A. / Santa Monica Airport / Kings Street Gallery, Amsterdam / Dannerhouse, Copenhagen / Spring Arts Tower, CREATE FIXATE, L.A. / Lacy Street Arts Complex, L.A / Don O'Melveny Gallery, L.A. / Annenberg Center of Communication, USC, L.A. / Edgar Varela Fine Arts, L.A. /  Santa Fe Art Colony / Junglerush Gallery, L.A / Nicolaj Church, Copenhagen / Langelinje Pavillion, Copenhagen / Cafe Krasnapolsky, Copenhagen / Glassalen, Denmarks School of Design, Copenhagen / Co-creator, Corpus In C, Arthall Charlottenborg’s Exhibition, Copenhagen / Brøndsalen, Frederiksberg Gardens, Copenhagen / The Video Gallery, Berlin 

S e t       D e s I gn

Cantabile2 Theater, K2, Copenhagen / Son of Semele Theater, L.A. / Odyssey Theater, ’The Arsonists’. LA Weekly Theater in Los Angeles Award Nominee: Theater of the year, Set Design  / The Burning Opera, L.A. / Cantabile2 Theater, Kaleidoskop, Junge Hunde Festival, Copenhagen, Finland, Sweden / Deutsches Theater, Berlin / Grønnegårds Theater, Copenhagen / Tivoli; Grøften, Copenhagen / Nordic Film, Copenhagen / The National Danish Filmschool, Copenhagen / The Second Opera, Copenhagen / Cantabile2 Theatre, Vordingborg, Denmark / Universal Studios, L.A. / Lead ProductIon Designer, Tristone, Copenhagen / Ark Theatre, L.A.

T a l k s /// Lecturing  etc ...

The University of La Verne, Department of Theatre Arts, L.A. / University of La Verne, Department of Theatre Arts. Bureau on Social Research Unit, Think Tank member in ’Social Art, Performative Architecture, Performance Studies, and more’ / MOCA /The Mike Kelley Gallery (Beyond Baroque), Venice Beach, L.A. / Station Next, Filmtown, Avedøre, Denmark / Columbia University, NYC / The Watermill Center, Southampton, NY


A w a r d s,     N o m I n a t I o n s,  S c h o l a r s h I p s,  G r a n t s,  A r t I s t           I n  R e s I d e n c I e s

The Featured Artist of L.A. Downtown Artwalk, The Maldef Building / The Saatchi Gallery, Open Call for Abstract Art. Nominee, London / Odyssey Theater, ’The Arsonists’. LA Weekly Theater in Los Angeles Award Nominee: Theater of the year, Set Design / Grand Prize Winner. Close-Up Scandinavian Shorts Competition ’Lack of Oxygen’ / Scholar in Residence, Watermill Center NY / Artist in Residence, University of Southern California, Digital Arts, L.A. / The Danish Design Foundation Grant for studying abroad / DAAD / The National Bank of Denmarks' Big Grant / Knud Hoejgaards’ Grant / Nordic Film Grant / Danish Set Designers Association Grant / Nordea Bank Denmark's Grant  / The Employers Association Jubilee Foundation Grant / The Beckett Foundation / The Augustinus Foundation / Knud Hoejgaard's Travel Grant / The Metropolitan High School High Grade Grant 

E d u c a t I o n s

The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Copenhagen (Former Denmarks Design School), Master of Fine Arts (MFA) in set design / Berlin University of the Arts (Hochschule der Kunste), Institute of Performing Arts, MFA studies (set design & painting) in Professor Achim Freyer's class / Berlin-Weissensee Academy of Fine Arts, Berlin BFA studies / University College, UCC (Former HFS), Textile Design, Handicraft and Communication, Copenhagen, Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA). Currently: Aarhus University, Copenhagen, Positive Psychology, Master of Arts (MA)     

X///Tra T r a I n I n g

Multimedia Institute, Virtual Visualisation, Copenhagen / The Danish School of Media and Journalism. Specialized Journalism, Copenhagen, Denmark

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