Set Design

birgitte moos chalcraft

Set design is progression                                                                                                                                                                                           

Set design is spatial design in theatrical performances, performance art, installation art, videos, film, and computer games.

The different cultural paradigm shifts throughout history have been visualized by rebellious set designers. Hence set design has taken many interesting forms since the Greek theater, and the Wagnerian concept of a ´Gesamtkunstwerk` which specifically focused on interdisciplinarity, and since the avant-garde like the Futurists and the Bauhaus School, who tried to abolish the separation between stage and audience. Set design has moved forward to form a platform, which at the end of the last century characterized the theater as a merger of audience and stage where the action consisted of achieving a common goal, often as a commentary on socio-political and psychological aspects in society. In recent years set design and performances have changed so dramatically, that they question how the areas have been seen for over 2500 years. 

Set design is at best revolutionary for both space and consciousness. A revolutionary space can both inspire and be inspired by intercultural communication. And by experimenting, I try to find new performative expressions and explore how set design can be innovative.

I believe that modern set design consists of collective working processes across disciplines. Including consciousness, sociological reflections, cultural comments, and the transformation of thoughts, words, and deeds of spatial solutions for three-dimensional or simulated spaces, which often includes audience interactivity. Set design has the opportunity to respond to the present, move people's minds, and transcend social and cultural backgrounds.

Flyttede til Berlin og studerede scenografi med focus på græske tragedier og operaer hos Achim Freyer. Mytologier. Og fordi scenografi traditionelt anses som en selvstændig kunstform fremfor et designfelt som her I Danmark. Jeg var interesseret I scenografi som et multidisciplinært kunstfelt og har derfor studeret diverse, forskellige kunstformer som digital kunst, … For tiden anvendes begrebet scenografi ofte af billedkunstnere hvorimod kunst I scenografi ikke ses. Jeg har netop arbejdet på det modsatte.