birgitte moos chalcraft


The method of the Memory Palace was used by the scribes of the Ancient Greek World, to remember vast

amounts of information. A learning system based on allocating physical locations and familiar buildings in

the mind, used where lists of material had to be remembered precisely.


The Memory Palace Project weaves layers of psychological narrative into an inner biography. Each individual

painting is a repository of memories, thoughts, and experiences overlapping each other, containing unconscious, psychological information in underlying patterns, derived from a labyrinthine bodily system. Not only as a tool for remembering, but also as a new concept, a product for the imagination, and a brain storage space, in which the paintings represent the complex atmosphere inside the world of the mind, and the feelings associated with it. The act of painting is an action where the body pulls on impressions of layered information ... READ MORE 


´THE MEMORY PALACE` has been on display in various locations, such as:

Mike Kelley Gallery (Beyond Baroque). 2 person Show with Bob Branaman AKA Barbitol Bob. Venice Beach, Los Angeles 2014

Downtown Art Walk Lounge, The Maldef Building. Featured Artist of Downtown Los Angeles Art Walk. Los Angeles 2013

KCET, the nation's largest independent public TV station. "Danish conceptual artist Birgitte Moos, now working interdisciplinary visual theory in response to Los Angeles as urban space" by Ed Fuentes. READ MORE

Gloria Delson Contemporary Arts, 'Driven to Abstraction'. Two-person Show. Downtown Los Angeles 2011.

Best Contemporary Art Gallery in Los Angeles - CBS Local. VIDEO from the exhibition

Edgar Varela Fine Arts. Solo Show. The Arts District, Downtown Los Angeles 2009

Bedlam Magazine - A Great Dane by Jonathan Jerald, 2009. "Moos imagery has evolved from the use of early European mythological figures and symbols into dark, abstract, almost architectonic works that suggest urban landscape trap and channel human figures through an uneasy labyrinth". READ MORE

Citizen LA Magazine: "... Birgitte Moos´abstract paintings of black and red modules evoke dark and dramatic urban landscapes" 

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