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     What some people have said ...

'As an internationally recognized innovator in the field of interdisciplinary performance design, Ms. Moos possess in-depth knowledge and a unique perspective that rises above and beyond the scope of many of her contemporary researchers and educators here in the United States... a highly creative and strategic, creator of environments for performance. She is without a doubt absolutely outstanding in her field because she defines trends internationally.'

- Alan Tollefson

 Professor, Technical Director, University of La Verne, LA, Department of Theatre Arts

"Birgitte is a very talented Painter"

- Achim Freyer

 Painter. Stage Director and Set Designer, LA Opera

"I think you have certainly made an impression on the art world, and when I look at your work I understand why. To me, your work is like conceptual abstraction, not just mindless drips. In other words...I was very impressed."

- Rinaldo Frattolillo

 Artist, NYC

”...Scenography and its related disciplines are an increasingly important area of study and gaining considerable academic attention. The field encompasses the visual and spatial aspects of performance in all its manifestations... It is, in other words, a truly cross-disciplinary field of study with important implications for the contemporary world of performance, communication, media, and the like... Someone who can bring praxis to theoretical interrogation should be an ideal candidate for such a field of study. Ms. Moos seems to be such a person.”

- Arnold Aronson PhD, Professor and Chair, Columbia University School of the Arts, Theatre Arts Division

'Birgitte Moos' research titled 'Revolutionary Spaces' is an exploration of the art of interdisciplinary contemporary theatrical set design... Her research is helping to establish and define the field... As part of her residency, she held a lecture and demonstrated highly accomplished international experience and visionary insights into this subject. The Watermill Center strongly supports Birgitte Moos' publication of this research, as it is necessary for the field.'

- Sherry Dobbin, Director, The Watermill Center, NY

'... Danish conceptual artist Birgitte Moos, now working interdisciplinary visual theory in response to Los Angeles as urban space.’

- Ed Fuentes

 Journalist, KCET, the nation's largest independent public television station

'...Ms. Moos is a specialist image-maker, an artist, thinker, and craftsperson who possesses an extraordinary esthetic sensibility. She is already a visionary in the field, pioneering exciting new areas of the cutting edge of technology and the arts, and creating striking and deeply interesting artworks in the process... Her work shows great sensitivity, versatility, and universal appeal in many genres of artistic media. She is an excellent conceptual and creative thinker, a fine communicator, and highly sophisticated in her use of visual language... Individuals with her combination of skills, knowledge and talent are extremely rare...'

- Vibeke Sorensen

 Professor and Founding Chair, University of Southern California, School of TV & Cinematic Arts, Division of Animation & Digital Arts

”Great artistic talent is characterized by the artist's ability to be innovative, and this Birgitte possesses in abundance... Birgitte Moos is enormously qualified to work with the education and design of television, film, video, and the performing arts...”

- Susanne Vad, Film Studies Director, Station Next - Filmtown, Copenhagen

”...Birgitte Moos is a Danish designer, which in the future may help to anchor Denmarks position in the field of set design for film and theatrical media. Birgitte has through her earlier works showed great professional commitment, professionalism, and pioneering new ideas...”

- Ulla Hovgaard Ramlau, President, Danish Design Center

'...Birgitte has studied at UDK, Berlin University of the Arts, by Professor Achim Freyer. The mere fact being accepted as a student by one of this century’s most recognized set designers and visual artists indicates her talent...”

- Jonas Elmer, Film director