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'CIVILIZATION' (All You Can Eat) 

Son of Semele Theatre, Silver Lake, Los Angeles 2013                                                                                  

Los Angeles Theater Review - Stage and Cinema by Jason Rohrer:

"...Jason Grote’s big, complex, magical universe is presented in a space that, at first glance, seems too small to contain it. But imagination and skill make much of little, and in creative hands, this space is more than adequate; it is exactly right. Birgitte Moos has designed a versatile set around a geometric centerpiece echoing the order sought by the characters..." 

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You gave CIVILIZATION more than expected and fabulously elegant. Many thanks.'

- Don Boughton, Director of ‘Civilization’                                                       

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A Set Designers note ...

'CIVILIZATION', written by Jason Grothe, is a contemporary play about decay, taking place in 'slightly indicated' America, 2008-11. It’s about Eating, Consumerism, Corruption, Sex, Math, and Pattern Recognition.

Personally I was clearly inspired by reading the script as it indeed refers to actual socio-political aspects in Western society, and ended up designed a rather small set design, being the

best set design I’ve done so far. In my opinion. So I’m happy, and relieved. Relieved because this set exemplifies a concept I’ve been working on defining for years now, actually since 1996

and am lecturing at Universities: Interdisciplinary Set Design, which I define as the collaborative, integrating multiple art forms in one piece.

What is so satisfying about this project, is in particular the fusion between set design, installation art, and painting! The set also functions as audience interactive Installation Art for an art gallery.

The set is designed as a three-dimensional algorithm, which can be moved in multiple directions, creating various and different spaces for the actors in the existing scenes. The deconstructed triangles are viewed as a 3D minimalist painting and as a distorted world view, and an Egyptian fundament for civilization. In Egypt, some significant math theories were developed. I would be

happy to tell you more about this design's visual metaphorical and conceptual content.

And the collaboration with SOSE Ensemble' was a delight and inspiring all the way. Thank you for letting me part-take in 'CIVILIZATION.'