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'Sampled Asia'

Site-specific Permanent Installation at Zip Fusion

The Arts District, Downtown LA

744 E 3rd St (at Traction)

Los Angeles, CA 90013

Art - lighting and furniture design.                        


Zip Fusions patio is a conceptual, site-specific installation treated as a theatrical stage. Crossing interdisciplinary mediums integrating fine art with set design into spatially enhancing and practical solutions. This work is designed to be experienced in a flow creating a dialogue with the participant, entering through a corridor into the universe on the patio, built with raw boards, painted canvasses, light and colour.                                                       

The movement within the installation can be thought of as an architectural echo of the body. Intending to mimic movement in order to create a dialogue with Zip's participating guests.                       

The visuality of the work provides an aesthetic that coincides with the feelings of energy, vitality and peace.


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