Interference Paintings

Interference paintings unites visual art with psychology into a cross-disciplinary hybrid, in which Birgittes process takes her to the threshold between both art-making and a way of being. The Interference paintings explores both these impulses equally. Based on quantum mechanical waves of interference patterns, advaita (non-duality), entanglement and transcendence, these works explores the meeting point between natural sciences and visual arts, driven by an impulse grounded in spiritual science. By looking at connections between the microcosm in the interior of the human being, and the macrocosm in the universe, the paintings are wrestling with existential questions regarding our place in the world, and what lies beyond it. They are about the relationship between human consciousness and the interconnectedness of everything.

The paintings are meditations on beauty of all things, and serves as a springboard to transmute thoughts and intuition into action, or breathing organisms with consciousness, rather than being static objects on the wall. These paintings evince a tension between states of knowing and not knowing, derived from both personal experiences in consciousness and physical manifestations of universal forces at work. Patterns of abstraction and symmetry explores the idea that art, while reflecting the natural world, cannot fully capture the sublime nature of the world, without the interior lens of the human intuition.